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Posted on: May 8, 2009

           As I look back at my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, I can see many steps of the Knapp and Vangelisti’s Ten-Stage Model of Relationship, as well many steps we did not take. Sean and I were high school sweethearts and continued dating when he left for college. (He graduated before me) I can remember the first time we hung out, I was interested in his best friend, but then Sean kept asking me to hang out. Our initiating stage wasn’t a typical one, but it was still introducing us to each other. When Sean and I were in the experimenting stage, I remember being so shocked that him and I had so much in common. Sean and I did enter the intensifying stage and said I love you and we entered the integrating stage to a certain level. Our friends would always assume that inviting one of us meant you were inviting the both of us. We obviously did not enter the bonding stage, but when Sean left for college our relationship started to deteriorate. When it came to the coming apart section Sean and I entered the stages of circumscribing and stagnating, which eventually lead to the termination of our relationship. It was interesting to see a model of how most relationships then to take a look at my own.( Gamble & Gamble, 169)

Gamble, T. K., Gamble, M. W. (2003). The gender communication connection. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.


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